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What Smiles Are For is the second episode of Season One and the second overall episode of the series Happy!. It is directed by Brian Taylor, written by Patrick Macmanus, and aired on December 13, 2017, on Syfy.


In search of guns and money to escape New York, Sax crashes a high stakes poker game. Happy tries to convince Sax that he's a father. Sax's exes team up in an attempt to locate Hailey.


Christopher Meloni Nick Sax
Ritchie Coster Mister Blue
Lili Mirojnick Merry McCarthy
Medina Senghore Amanda Hansen
Patrick Fischler Smoothie
Patton Oswalt Happy
Joseph D. Reitman Very Bad Santa
Bryce Lorenzo Hailey Hansen
Michael Maize Le Dic
Ren Colley Kenji
Laura Poe Jessica McCarthy
Jerry Springer Himself
Bonnie Miligan Evie
Caleb Eberhardt JD
John Lichtwait Redneck Dad
Paco Tolson Sonny Shine Security Guard
Celia Howard Missus Jablonski
Marc Basil Lead Gangster
Katie Beth Hall Brooke
Alexander Jameson Noah
Quentin Morales Cal
Victor La Mantia Mousy
Adain Bradley Insurance Agent
Benny Elledge Jabba the Hebrew
James Collins Jr. Pencil Dick
Jude Tibeau Desk Cop
Chazz Menendez Gangster #2
Ashley Paige Albert Little Voice
David Chen Fighting Jerry Springer Guest (uncredited)


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