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Very Bad Santa is an drug-addicted psychopath that was set out to kidnap young children during the winter holiday season. He was coupled alongside henchmen Smoothie and Mister Blue to perform elaborate, underground tasks for Mister Bug.



A long time ago, Junior Mozell was the son of a pedophile who worked as a mall Santa. After witnessing the death of his father, he was institutionalized in an insane asylum, damaging him and robbing him of his innocence, with nothing but his thoughts and his imaginary friend, a green sock puppet. As he grow older, he seemed to never want to become an adult, believing the world to be an awful place that children shouldn't have to suffer in. So he began kidnapping children and labotomizing them in order to keep them in a childlike state. His imaginary friend was horrified at his acts, causing him to run away, leaving Junior distraught and delusional, believing him to be a real person.

Blue Christmas

Somewhere along the way, he was picked up by Blue Scaramucci and became one of his top henchman, helping him with all his tasks under the guise of Very Bad Santa. He would help kidnap "naughty" children for Blue and Mr. Bug (aka Sonny Shine) and deliver them to Smoothie who would try to reform them and turn them into adults, much to his dismay. But Santa didn't like that, so he would take one child from each job and add them to his collection of "friends." Mister Blue knew this of course but didn't think much of it, Mainly because he was too afraid to stop him.

Christmas Heist 2017

In the last Christmas Heist, his is seen outside of one of Sonny Shine's Wishtacular events taking a piss when he runs into Hailey Hansen, the daughter of former detective Nick Sax. He waves to her slowly before kidnapping her and takes her to his hideout where he locks her in a box until transportation day. Unknown to him, Happy, Hailey's imaginary friend, flies over to where Nick Sax is in order to get him to save Hailey. As Hailey waits, she begins talking to one of the other kids in the hideout. He tells her that the reason they are there is because he doesn't want them to grow up and he wants them to stay young forever. Hailey tells him not to worry because his dad was coming to save them and put Santa in jail forever. A few days later, Santa takes Hailey out of her box and sits her down at a table where he gives her a plate of Fruitcake which he tells her will help them find her dad. After she refuses, he tells her in a childlike voice, "Eat the fruitcake. Eat it all up so you can tell me again how your daddy is gonna come save you," revealing he was the boy in the box and was tricking Hailey into giving away his location. Reluctantly, Hailey eats it.

I Can See You

After Hailey consumes the cake, she begins to hallucinate. Santa reveals that the fruitcake was, "magical," and it will help them find Nick. The two then go on a psychitropic journey through New York City where Santa runs into Nick and viciously attacks him sending him flying into a wall. Happy eggs him on, trying to help Nick fight back, but to Happy's surprise, he is able to see and touch Happy. Scared, Happy tries to fly away but is captured by him and eaten.

Enough To Feed 60 Cambodians

After Santa eats Happy, he immediately throws him back up and runs away. In the pile of vomit, they find a piece of paper belonging to the Wah Toh Tea Parlor in Chinatown where Santa gets his meals from. The two arrive and are sat down while Nick eats a plate of Ying Yang fish that Happy is horrified at, while they wait for the delivery boy to arrive. The boy comes and tells them that the man calls the restaurant all the time and orders everything in bulk (Mostly fortune cookies). He jokingly asks Nick if he's from immigration because the man, "Orders enough to feed fifty Cambodians." He then tells Nick that his warehouse is located on South and Rutgers, and is forced by Nick to lead him to there but is immediately killed by some of Blue's goons. The two manage to get to his warehouse, only to find out that the kids aren't there, and that he is already transporting them to Smoothie.

I'm The Spirit of Christmas

On the last day of the heist, Nick finds the truck loaded with the kids and frees all of them except for Hailey, who has been taken back into the hands of Very Bad Santa. Nick jumps Blue and asks him where his daughter was. Blue laughs and asks him if Santa has taken her, because if so he wasn't getting her back. Nick beats Blue half to death and him and Happy go to the abandoned Gimble's to find him. Very Bad Santa puts a coat on Hailey and tells her he rescued her because she was nice and proceeds to lay down bear traps to stop Nick. Hailey asks him where they are going, and Santa replies with, "Toyland." which is an imaginary place that only he can see. In real life, Toyland is an abandoned shopping mall filled with labotomized adults who think, act, and behave like they are kids, which unsurprisingly horrifies Hailey. As Nick and Happy search for him in the store, they stumble upon the kids which also horrifies Nick and Happy causing Nick to fall in the bear traps. One of the children offers Nick an eggroll, which Nick denies showing us what Santa does with the food. Santa chases Hailey up to the roof where Nick attacks him sending him into a wall. Nick and Hailey reunite but the reunion is immediately interrupted by Santa who charges Nick pinning him against a wall. Santa goes on to tell Nick that he is the spirit of Christmas and nothing can hurt him except magic. Nick attacks him back and tells him that he was magic, but the fight is then interrupted by Nick having a heart attack. Santa then grabs Nick and drags him over to the ledge of the building and tells him that he isn't magic and that he couldn't even fly. It as at this point that Happy and his imaginary friends charge Santa while Hailey gives Nick his medicine putting him back in the fight. Santa then grabs a pipe and charges Nick with intent to kill him. Hailey screams to Nick that Santa was coming but Nick tells her that their was no Santa Claus and proceeds to shoot Santa in the end. Santa imagines the blood coming out of his head is Christmas ornaments before he stumbles through the window, gets banners tangled around his neck, snapping it and killing him instantly. 


Very Bad Santa seems to suffer from Arrested Development, meaning that the events he witnessed permanently damaged his psychie rendering him in a childlike state. Because of this, he is childish, delusional, and throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. However, he rarely gets mad, and will usually try to uphold the friendly and generous nature that Santa Claus trademarks. Rather than treat his victims like lab rats, he gives them plenty of food, toys, and attention to the point where he basically spoils them.  He also holds an unusual obsession of Christmas and bases his outfit, his delusions, and his modis operandi on Christmas. 

However, he seems to have adapted his fathers personality of a sick and twisted individual who is delusional and believes that he actually IS Santa Claus and that he is helping the kids in order to save them from growing up. He is also shown to be unpredictable and makes untouchable people like Blue afraid of him. 





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