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The Scrapyard of Childish Things is the sixth episode of Season One and the sixth overall episode of the series Happy!. It is directed by David Petrarca, written by Ken Kristensen, and aired on January 17, 2018, on Syfy.


Sax stumbles on a new plan to achieve his daughter's release. Happy finds solace in the arms of another imaginary friend.


Christopher Meloni Nick Sax
Goose the Toad
Ritchie Coster Mister Blue
Lili Mirojnick Merry McCarthy
Medina Senghore Amanda Hansen
Patrick Fischler Smoothie
Patton Oswalt Happy
Bryce Lorenzo Hailey Hansen
Billy West Raspberry
Michael Maize Le Dic
Ben Cole Landon
Laura Poe Jessica McCarthy
Gus Halper Mikey Scaramucci
Ren Colley Kenji
Antonia Rey Assunta
Corey Allen Father Appieh
Catherine LeFrere Anna-Theresa
Stephanie Gibson Pixley
Karen Giordano Elana
Debi Mazar Isabella Scaramucci
Carly Sullivan Gala Scaramucci
Dante Pereira-Olson Gerry Scaramucci
Al Linea Cillian
Gino Cafarelli Fusco
Michael Ryan Segal Ricky
Samantha Bishop Beth
Katie Beth Hall Brooke
Alexander Jameson Noah
Quentin Morales Cal
Benjamin Snyder Chris Wick
Anthony Pettine Captain Pancake
Luke Slattery Sock Puppet
Ruth Righi Wiseman #1
John Heinz Martin Wiseman #2
Lily Buchanan Jamie
Annie Pisapia Visitor (uncredited)
Art Shrian Tiwari Passerby (uncredited)


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