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Nicholas "Nick" Sax is a former detective for the New York City Police Department who, developing a drug addiction, turns into a hitman-for-hire to fulfill his habit. Suffering from a heart attack that momentarily leaves him hospitalized, he befriends Happy, an imaginary friend that pulls him into rescuing his estranged daughter Hailey from Very Bad Santa.


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Nick Sax is a former detective turned hitman. He is a sociopath with virtually no regard for human life with the exception of Amanda and Hailey. Nick has no remorse for the people he kills and casually does so without conscience. Nick is impulsive and reckless as well as alcoholic. Despite this, Nick is a good person. He cares deeply about his daughter and will do anything to save her. Even though Nick doesn't care about many people, he is usually on the right side of the fight. He never stooped down to the level of people like Smoothie. He never delighted in the torture and murder of innocents, and unlike the people Nick kills, he has a sense of honor and morality. Even with all of his negative traits and despite being a profound sociopath who was molded by his environment and difficulty of coping with his life as a detective, he is still a good person who can care very deeply about those he loves.




  • Merry McCarthy - Former Affair and Situational Ally
  • Le Dic
  • Happy - Imaginary Friend and Partner
  • Dayglo Doug
  • Orcus - Enemy turned Situational Ally



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