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Meredith "Merry" McCarthy is a former homicide detective for the New York City Police Department and the former affair to Nick Sax.


childhood her father was a highly decorated police officer and she had a loving mother as well one day her father dies while on the job and years after she becomes a cop eager to follow in her fathers footsteps. boot days one mistake was that she had an affair with a married officer her fathers old friend nick whom she starts an on again off again thing with as the years go by. the horror one day while he was training her they find a man who killed his baby and what happended next after finding the babes body nick tossed him to the ground and starts wailing on him while merry watches and then adds the finishing blow by curb stomping him and snapping his neck both helped cover his death and filed a missing person report. mistake number 2 her mother gets hit by Alzheimer's and becomes paranoid about everything so to help pay for the nurses and medication she borrows money (which she didn't know were loansharks operating under mr blue an infamous and deranged don.) she


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  • Jessica McCarthy - Mother


  • New York City Police Department
  • Nick Sax - Former Affair and Friend
  • Amanda Hansen - Situational Ally