I Am the Future

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I Am the Future is the eighth and final episode of Season One and the eighth overall episode of the series Happy!. It is directed by Brian Taylor, written by Grant Morrison and Brian Taylor, and aired on January 31, 2018, on Syfy.


As Christmas approaches, Sax and Happy are locked in a climactic confrontation to rescue Hailey from Very Bad Santa's lair. Merry seeks to rescue Amanda from a dangerous foe.


Christopher Meloni Nick Sax
Ritchie Coster Mister Blue
Lili Mirojnick Merry McCarthy
Medina Senghore Amanda Hansen
Patton Oswalt Happy
Joseph D. Reitman Very Bad Santa
Bryce Lorenzo Hailey Hansen
Christopher Fitzgerald Sonny Shine
Ren Colley Kenji
Gus Halper Mikey Scaramucci
Jamie Kelton Pregnant Lil Bo Peep
Luke Slattery Sock Puppet
Jack Cotterell Nutcracker
Will McInerney Benjamin Peters
Brian Ogilvie Lenny Donnelly
George Letrell Prison Guard
Samantha Bishop Beth
Lily Buchanan Jamie
Katie Beth Hall Brooke
Quentin Morales Cal
Benjamin Snyder Chris Wick


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