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Blitzkrieg!!! is the fourth episode of Season Two and the twelfith overall episode of the series Happy!. It is directed by Joseph Kahn, written by Ken Kristensen, and aired on April 17, 2019, on Syfy.


Who the hell is Dayglo Doug? Sax, Merry and Happy enter a geriatric death trap. Don't eat the jelly.


Christopher Meloni Nick Sax
Ritchie Coster Francisco Scaramucci/Mr. Blue
Lili Mirojnick Merry McCarthy
Medina Senghore Amanda Hansen
Patrick Fischler Smoothie
Christopher Fitzgerald Sonny Shine
Bryce Lorenzo Hailey Hansen
Patton Oswalt Happy
Daniel Sunjata Simon
Curtis Armstrong Dayglo Doug
Paul Wright Big Pink
Ashlie Atkinson Ace
Donnetta Lavinia Grays Hubble
Lee Sellars Kap Gostynski
Ratnesh Dubey Dr. Reddy
Morpheus Peters Audience Kid
Aubin Bradley Earnest Kid
Raphael Corkhill Gate Guard
Peter Kybart Heckler #1
Lawrence Cioppa Heckler #2
Anthony Alessandro Dario
Andrew Kaempfer Trotsky
Lou Patane Pope
Michael Twaine Chess Player #1
Geddeth Smith Chess Player #2
Erik Frandsen Herr Zimmer
Alexandra Moruzzi Snotball
A.D. Johnson Lead Orderly
Harley Yeager Orderly
Brad Makarowski Dad
Jacob Laval Excitable Kid
Ava Englenton Classmate (uncredited)
Bob Leszczak Elderly Dead Guy Draped over Chair (uncredited)
Emma R. Mudd Little Girl in Audience (uncredited)


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