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A Friend of Death is the eighth episode of Season Two and the sixteenth overall episode of the series Happy!. It is directed by Wayne Yip, written by Brian Taylor, and aired on May 15, 2019, on Syfy.


Smoothie + Hailey take a trip into the past. Sax hits rock bottom. Good thing Happy brought a cake.


Christopher Meloni Nick Sax
Ritchie Coster Francisco Scaramucci/Mr. Blue
Lili Mirojnick Merry McCarthy
Medina Senghore Amanda Hansen
Patrick Fischler Smoothie
Christopher Fitzgerald Sonny Shine
Bryce Lorenzo Hailey Hansen
Patton Oswalt Happy
Ann-Margret Bebe DeBarge
Daniel Sunjata Simon
Ashlie Atkinson Ace
Lee Sellars Kap Gostynski
Deshawn Wyatte Officer #1
Joe Giorgio Officer #2
J. Stephen Brantley Trucker #1
Liam James Daniels Trucker #2
Elisa de la Roche Cheryl
Jonathan Tindle Chairman
Roya Shanks EVP
Britt Faulkner Secretary
Dwelvan David Odipo
Tiffany Hobbs Nurse
Garth Kravits Doctor
Gary Ray Hunter
Jim Ford Mob Hospital Medic #1 (uncredited)
Anthony Mecca Cop #2 (uncredited)
Derrick Simmons Mob Hospital Medic #2 (uncredited)


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